A Change of Heart

On Valentine’s Day, 2014, my mom had open-heart surgery. I am chronicling the process here to keep our family and friends in the loop!



MomSurgery-Collage-Day Two Three

Saturday and Sunday were full of progress! Every so often they were able to remove more tubes and supports. On Sunday afternoon, she was moved to the cardiac step-down unit in the main hospital. Here are a few highlights from the past two days…



  • Pain levels still high, but the pain management plan is working.
  • They were able to turn the pacemaker down and eventually made it just a back up
  • She can eat normal food
  • They removed the tube in her neck and they took her off oxygen
  • She was able to stand up and walk around a bit in the room
  • Everyone got a bit more sleep!


  • Her heart is working properly! It’s really amazing!
  • Fluids were balancing out well so they were able to remove the drainage tubes (they were really long!)
  • Mom was moved to the step-down unit (which is less intense than the ICU) this afternoon, which is about 48 hours after the end of her surgery
  • We met with the PT person and she took mom on a walk around the hospital. She gave us some good arm and upper body exercises for mom to do and started teaching us ways to get her in and out of bed without straining the incision
  • She got got a little itchy from her pain meds, but was helped with an antihistamine 
  • We can’t help ourselves and did make her laugh a bit today with a few cat stories and, well the picture below says it all..


In Conclusion…

Things are looking good for this evening. She may get a roommate tonight, but we will have to see. We will try to do another post tomorrow or tuesday! In the meantime, keep sending her messages of love here and on Facebook! She’s been seeing them and is very grateful!

Flowers from  Jair & Alyssa to brighten up the room!

Flowers from Jair & Alyssa to brighten up the room!



The Heart

Today is Valentine’s day and my mom is having open-heart surgery.
I will be chronicling the process here and making updates for our family and friends. 

1:00 PM UPDATE: Everything Went Well!
5:30 AM

Checked in – mom went back for pre-op stuff and we waited. 

6:30 AM


7:00 AM


We said our goodbyes and see-ya-laters!
Now the waiting game begins…

Midday Update

We had a little visit from our good family friend, Ellen! She happened to be in the area today, so this is for you Mom:

A visit while we wait

A visit while we wait

1:00 PM UPDATE: Everything Went Well!

Dr. Deeb has reported back that everything went really well, no complications. She is being moved to recovery in the ICU and we should be able to see her shortly.

Thanks to everyone for the positive thoughts & prayers! We’re putting them all together in a collage so she can see how much she is loved when she wakes up!

11:30 PM – Final Update for 2/14

So I wanted to try to get in one last update for 2/14. It’s been a long day, but things are still going well. We were able to come in and see her after she was awake. They are working to keep the balance of fluids and blood pressure just right and she has a temporary pacemaker installed to keep the heart rhythm working normally.

Day One of a Change of Heart ;)

Day One of a Change of Heart ;)

Main positives include: her breathing is getting stronger every time we do the exercise (important to have strong lungs) and her blood pressure has started to stabilize, so she was able to get some more pain medicine. The nurses are truly great at what they do – they have been patient and explaining everything as they go along. 

Main complaints include: pain (duh!) and dry mouth (my sister is giving her ice chips). Oh and also of course she misses pumpkin…

Punkin misses her mom, too...

Punkin misses her mom, too…